ESL Approaches & Methods

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ESL Approaches & Methods

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ESL Approaches & Methods
1.1 Approach - guide for choosing methods that are consistent in theory and research; broadest category.
1.2 Grammatical Approach
1.2.1 teacher-centered emphasis
1.2.2 language acquired most efficiently through memorizing language rules and patterns
1.2.3 Grammar-Translation Method emphasis on development of grammar, writing, reading oral development has less emphasis grammar rules taught as a whole rather than parts
1.2.4 Direct Method total focus on L2 includes open-ended responses
1.2.5 Audiolingual Method grammar is taught through a sequenced plan little use of L1 emphasis on drill and repetitive practice
1.3 Cognitive Approach
1.3.1 learner-centered empahsis focus on explicit teaching of learning strategies
1.3.2 CALLA Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach focus on L! and L2 CALP development focus on prior knowledge developmentally appropriate language instruction explicit instruction in: metacognitive, cognitive, social/affective learning strategies
1.4 Communicative Approach
1.4.1 student-centered emphasis learning through communication, constructivism, and social interaction
1.4.2 Silent Way Method teacher talk and modeling repetition and signals provide reinforcement rarely content-based
1.4.3 Natural Way Method L1 is acceptable comprehensible input is important minimal error correction not always content-based
1.4.4 Suggestopedia Method relaxed physical evidence minimal error correction uses L1 for explanations not always content-based
1.4.5 Integrated-Content Based Method emphasis on L2 development emphasis on content and language integration thematic units integrated
1.4.6 Sheltered Instruction Method grade-level modified curriculum scaffolding cooperative learning, visuals, and guarded vocabulary
1.5.1 Method - framework for specific strategies and techniques; one translation of an approach.
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