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  1. Discovered by Robert Hooke
    1. Discovered a plant cell under single lens microscope by calling the mini blocks "cells"
    2. The different types of microscopes
      1. light compound microscope-$, 1000x mag. Uses light to see, 400nm resolution
        1. transmission electron Microscope-$$$, 10,000,000x mag. 0.2 nm res. uses beam of electrons to see dead specimens
          1. scanning electron microscope-$,30,000 mag. 10 nm a forced beam of high energy electrons
        2. cell structure
          1. nucleus contains DNA which has coded instructions for making proteins and running the cell
            1. Vacuoles and Vesicles store materials
              1. Ribosomes-creates p[rotein
                1. Rough and soft E.R assembles proteins and lipids
                  1. Golgi Apparutus sorts and packages proteins for storage and transportation
                2. chloroplasts-convert solar energy to chemical energy to store food
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