How successful was the League of Nations

Scott Stephens
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GCSE History (League of Nations) Mind Map on How successful was the League of Nations, created by Scott Stephens on 03/23/2014.

Scott Stephens
Created by Scott Stephens over 5 years ago
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How successful was the League of Nations
1 Vilna 1920
1.1 Poland-Lithuania
1.2 Polish army simply took capital of new state Lithuania
1.2.1 League protested but Poland did nothing French did not want to upset Poland (ally against Germany) Britain did not want to act alone League of Nations did nothing
1.3 -5
2 Aaland Islands 1921
2.1 5
2.2 Sweden-Finland
2.3 Both wanted control of islands, in-between their territories
2.3.1 Threatened to fight League of Nations said islands should go to Finland Sweden accepted
3 Returned about 100,000 prisoners of war to their homeland
4 Defeated Leprosy and reduced malaria by exterminating mosquitos
5 Freed 200,000 slaves in sierra Leone and blacklisted companies in illegal drug trade
6 Banned poisonous white lead and limited working hours
7 Germany and France still arguing
8 Little progress in disarment (except Germany)
9 Countries still did not trust each other
10 Upper Silesia 1921
10.1 5
10.2 Germany-Poland
10.3 Germany and Poland both wanted Upper Silesia, mix of Polish and Germans and had iron and steel industry
10.3.1 Vote was taken Rural ares voted Poland, Industrial areas voted German Area was split Safeguards put in place Sharing of power and rail links
11 Corfu 1923
11.1 -2
11.2 Greece-Albania
11.3 5 Italian surveyors killed by Greeks on the border
11.3.1 Mussolini furious Italy invaded Corfu Greeks went to League of Nations Britain and France did not want to upset Italians Greeks had to apologise and pay compensation
12 Bulgaria 1925
12.1 4
12.2 Greece-Bulgaria
12.3 Greeks were killed at a fight at the border
12.3.1 Greece invaded Bulgaria The Greeks were forced to pay compensation and leave Bulgaria Faced with Disapproval, Greece accepted They complained there was one rule for large states and another for smaller states
13 No USA
14 No real power
15 Decisions took time and had to be unanimous

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