Causes of Liberal Reforms

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Causes of Liberal Reforms
1 Industrial Decline
1.1 1900 USA and Germany were leading industrial powers
1.2 Healthy workforce - welfare reforms by G Chancellor Bismark
1.3 UK birth rate falling
1.4 Empire under threat
1.5 Children more highly valued
2 Key Individuals
2.1 Winston Churchill
2.2 1908 President of Board of Trade
2.3 David Lloyd George
2.4 Parents experienced poverty
2.5 Both sympathised with the poor
3 Changing Political Scene
3.1 Liberals 1906 - Henry Campbell Bannerman
3.2 Workers voted for reforms
3.3 Way of fighting socialism
3.4 Political rivalry - Liberals joined Labour
4 Military Problems
4.1 Boer War 1899-1902
4.2 40% of all volunteers unfit for service
4.3 Due to poor diet
4.4 Army lowered minimum height
4.5 Government shocked
4.6 Investigation set up
5 Decline of Emphasis on Self Help
5.1 People thought poor would waste money
5.2 Govt. felt it wasn't pools fault
5.3 Govt. felt duty to help those who needed it
5.4 Gave a basic living standard
6 Growing Awareness of Poverty
6.1 Huge contrast between rich and poor
6.2 Social reformers - Charles Booth and Seebohm Rowntree
6.3 Encouraged helping the poor

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