Government sports initiatives

Molly Munyard
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GCSE PE Mind Map on Government sports initiatives, created by Molly Munyard on 03/23/2014.

Molly Munyard
Created by Molly Munyard over 5 years ago
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Government sports initiatives
1 PE School Sport Club Links (PESSCL)
1.1 Strategy to increase the take up of sporting opportunities by 5-16 year olds
1.2 Professional development
1.3 Identify talented individuals
1.4 Build better links between schools and sports clubs
1.5 Establish a network of multi-skill clubs for disabled people
2 TOP links
2.1 Encourages schools to run sports/dance activities with partner primary schools
2.2 14-17 year olds
2.3 Team work
3 School sports partnership
3.1 Co-ordinates all the sport at schools under the government
3.2 Increase the participation in sport with children of all ages
3.3 2 hours of PE ad 3 hours of extra sport outside school hours
3.4 Each local authority coordinates sport opportunities in different ways
4 Active kids
4.1 Raise money to buy sports equipment for children bycollecting tokens/vouchers
4.2 Children
4.3 What is a healthy active lifestyle?
5 Stay, Start, Succeed
5.1 Start
5.1.1 Local level
5.1.2 Start doing sport
5.2 Stay
5.2.1 More advanced
5.2.2 Continue participating in sport
5.3 Succeed
5.3.1 Umpire at international levels
5.3.2 Succeed and achieve something
5.4 Designed to help people to begin to participate in sport
6 Youth sports trust
6.1 Created to change children's lives through sport
6.2 Children
6.3 A life with high quality PE and sport
6.4 Helps people achieve their sporting best in school and in life

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