The Irish Famine Mind Map

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Irish Famine

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The Irish Famine Mind Map
  1. Causes
    1. Sub division of land-Farmers in the 19th century may have had up to 20 acres of land. He would divide this land when his sons got married. This cycle kept going on as the son had sons of their own they would divide the land until there was only an acre of land left for each family. This obviously then didn't provide enough food for each family
      1. Large Population-In the first half of the 19th century population rose so quickly that in 1841 there were 8,175,000 people living in Ireland when in 1800 there was only 5,000,000
        1. Potato Blight-Famines were common in Ireland but had a really bad one between 1740-1741.But in 1845 a new fungal disease struck the Irish potato crops(Phystophthora infestans)The first sign of this were the leaves of the plant go black and die
        2. Chronology of the famine
          1. 1845-The potato blight hits Ireland and 1/3 of all potato crops are affected
            1. 1846-Supples were exhausted but the Prime Minister bought £100,000 worth of Indian Maize and had it brought to Ireland. The people disliked it but had to eat it or starve
              1. 1847-The Potato crop gave some potatoes.It was smaller though. However the blight struck again the following year
                1. 1848-The blight continues
                  1. 1850-The blight is over at last
                    1. 1849-Blight still continues
                    2. Consequences of the famine
                      1. Popualtion Decline 1,000,000 dead 1,000,000 emigrated total loss 2,000,000
                        1. Consolidation of land Instead of farms getting smaller then grew larger. Landlords were in debt after the famine so many landlords were anxious to sell off land. Tenants stopped sub-dividing land.
                          1. Change in marriage patterns Only one son inherited land but he had to wait for his father to die first. Many people couldn't afford to get married at a young age.. The catholic church became stricter about courting. Large decline in birth rate
                            1. Political Consequences Increased Republican feeling. The Irish diaspora increased Republicanism in areas such as the USA where high amount of Irish lived
                            2. Interpretaions
                              1. What the government did well Soup Kitchen Private Charity
                                1. What the government didn't do well Workhouses Public Works
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