Causes of the Rebellion against Henry II

Charlotte Peacock
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With reasons for Henry II's victory

Charlotte Peacock
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Causes of the Rebellion against Henry II
1 Henry II
1.1 Punishment from God for his involvement in Becket's death
1.1.1 Although the Pope pardoned Henry in 1172, Christendom didn't
1.2 Bequeathed the castles, Chinon, Loudon and Mirebeau which angered YH
1.3 Eleanor rebelled as in 1173 she politically disenchanted (like YH)
1.3.1 Eleanor had been discarded by Henry for his Mistress Rosamund
1.4 Refused to give his sons real power and authority (despite giving them titles)
1.5 Too heavy handed with the barons, keen to assert royal authority
1.6 Baronial grievances: some earls had not succeeded lands they were promised, some were denied their titles, some had been forced to pay to recover castles (Hugh Bigod) and paying scutage
2 Louis VIII
2.1 Interested in weakening the towering edifice of authority built by Henry which overshadowed his small territories
2.2 Louis resented the extent of Henry's territories in France
2.3 Louis' ambitions lay at the heart of the rebellion - he enthusiastically supported YH, with him serving as a puppet for those wanting to erode Henry
3 Young Henry
3.1 The frustrated masculinity of YH lay at the heart of the rebellion - he took it badly that his father had not assigned him any terrirory after being crowned in 1170
4 Barons
4.1 Felt that their power and rule was being heavily restricted by Henry, especially after his restoration of Royal Authority
4.1.1 Castles: Many were destroyed - deemed to be illegal. Henry built his own to remind barons who held the most power (Hugh Bigod)
4.1.2 Intrusion into affairs - 1166 Cartae Baronum and 1170 Inquest of Sheriffs
5 Eleanor
5.1 Seen to stir her young sons to join the revolt
5.2 Henry believed Eleanor was responsible for their sons revolt
5.3 Jealous of Rosamund?

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