Ireland 1918-1921

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Ireland 1918-1921
1 Legacy of WW1
1.1 April 1918 - Military service Bill, extended conscription to Ireland, passes though the house of commans
1.1.1 Conscription had left a lot of the Irish being forced to fight in a war they didn't want to be in
1.2 May 1918 - British government makes 73 arrests of anti-conscription protesters, including Griffith and De Valera and deports them so England following a suspected "German Plot"
1.2.1 the physical removal of these individuals was not enough to disrupt Irish opposition
1.3 June 1918 - conscription for Ireland is dropped by the British Government
1.4 December 1918 - "coupon" election - triumph for Sinn Fein: of 105 canidates returned for Ireland 73 were Republican, 26 were unionist, the IPP gained only 6.
1.4.1 Irish deaths in WW1 lead to more resentment to Britian and gained Sinn Fein more support
2 The Declaration of Independence of January 1919
2.1 January 1919 - elected Sinn Fein member not in prison didn't take up seat in Westminster, but constituted the Dail Eireann and adopted a Decaration of Independence
2.2 The Dail appointed delegates to go to Versailles for the peace talks and appealed for international support
2.3 Cathal Brugha was elected President on the understanding that De Valera would take over when he was out of prison
2.4 Arthur Griffith was appointed Vice President and Michael Collins was made Finance Minister (also Director of Intelligence for the I.R.A
3 The policies and Tactics of the IRA
3.1 Early 1919 - Michael Collins organises the IRA into brigades throughout Ireland and an intelliegence service in Dublin
3.1.1 Organised De Valera's escape from prison
3.2 Spring 1919 - the Irish Volunteers changed their name to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and began guerrilla warfare against British rule
3.3 January 1919-January 1920 - Random attacks on the RIC (18 killed by the end of 1919) and individual Protestants
3.4 Early 1920 - Summer 1920 - 16 RIC barracks destroyed and 424 abandoned buildings burnt down
3.5 Summer 1920 - December 1920 - flying columns of the IRA stepped up the violence
3.5.1 November 1920 - Michael Collins's gunmen kill 12 British intelligence officers
3.5.2 November 1920 - 18 members of the auxiliaries killed at Kilmichael
3.6 May 1921 - IRA attack on the Dublin Customs House
4 The policies and Tactics of the British Government
4.1 'Authorised reprisals' being by the British government to keep Ireland in he union, try to turn people against Sinn Fein and to fight the IRA including a curfew and a armed presense on the streets
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