Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt
1 Religion
1.1 Afterlife
1.1.1 Mummification & embalming this was important because it meant that your soul could recognise you and take you to the after life
1.1.2 field of reeds = heaven
1.1.3 once dead you had to go through the weighing of the hearts ceremony
1.1.4 you could take belongings with you to the afterlife
1.2 Gods
1.2.1 Polytheistic (has over 2000 gods
1.2.2 Main gods Ra the sun god Thoth, god of writing & knowledge Hathor, goddess of fertility Osiris, god of death and the underworld Sobek, god of the nile Horus god of the sky Anubis, god of mummification
2 the Pharaoh
2.1 Duties
2.1.1 to ensure that there was enough food for everyone
2.1.2 Ma'at was the heart of Egyptian life
2.1.3 the gods looked kindly on people
2.1.4 ensures that Egypt's army can defend itself
2.1.5 ensures that the Nile will flood
2.2 Inheritance
2.2.1 son of the pharaoh will inherit the throne
2.2.2 if the pharaoh has no son or no more males in the family left then the daughter or next female will inherit the throne. eg Hatshepsut
3 Ancient Egyptian society ruled Egypt from 3100BC to 332 BC
4 Trade & Conflict
4.1 Conflict (wars)
4.1.1 reasons for wars access to trade routes and areas with natural sources when Egypt was threatened by neighbours
4.1.2 Major Enemies Hyksos- North East Nubians- South Libyans- West
4.2 Trade
4.2.1 Libya - lion skins & leopard
4.2.2 Sinai Desert- Metal & Turquois
4.2.3 Punt - Incense, Myrrh, oil & Ebony
4.2.4 Bactria (Iran) - Lapis-Lazuli & Kohl
4.2.5 Nubia - Metal & Slaves
4.2.6 Byblos (Lebanon) - Cedar Wood
5 Geography
5.1 Red Lands (the desert)
5.1.1 Inhospitable- people didn't live there
5.1.2 Protects Egypt from enemies- to harsh of an environment to travel/fight in
5.1.3 Egypt is 90% desert
5.2 Egypt is in Africa
5.3 The Nile River
5.3.1 the Nile gave life to Egypt
5.3.2 Provides water to Egypt
5.3.3 floods annually(July-Oct)
5.3.4 when it floods, it rises 10 Metres
5.3.5 The Seasons Akhet- the flood season Peret- the seed time Shemu- the harvest time
5.3.6 the Black lands called the black lands because of the colour of the fertile soil that plants could grow on people lived there because it was not as hot as the red lands and it was a sustainable place because it flooded annually
6 Hierogliphics
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