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Thriller description

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1 Creates tension,anticipation and suspense
1.1 Audiences mood is uncertain and expectation is always there and creates eagerness
2 Fast paced
2.1 Gives audience adrenaline
3 Lighting and shadows are emphasized
4 Engages audience and plays with their mind
5 Fast paced camera angle which creates tension and suspense among the viewers
6 Ordinary objects,places and people
6.1 The villain, which the protagonist is faced against will be based away from the place they intend to destroy
7 Typical characters are assassins, criminals and stalkers
7.1 The hero, the villian, the innocent victims, characters with dark pasts, psychotic individuals, terrorists, private eyes and spies
8 The story is what the audience works out from watching it. The plot comes from the key events and what we actually see
8.1 Complex paths, clues, resolutions, enigma, happy endings, extrordinary events
9 Crime thriller, mystery thriller and phsycological thrillers
9.1 All narratives of thriller films must center around a crime
10 Examples-Inception, The Departed, Heat, The Dark Knight Rises, The Silence of The Lambs, Psycho, Rear Window, Shutter Island
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