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English GCSE
Created by English GCSE over 5 years ago
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Hour - Carol Ann Duffy - MindMap
1 Sonnet form
1.1 Shows that it is a traditional love poem - sonnets are predictable could suggests love and relationships are predictable
2 Money - Love
2.1 Poem has lots of images of money but also of love and the ideas contrast - love doesn't need money
2.1.1 Puns - "spend it not of flowers" - don't spend their money or time on clichés - their relationship is special
3 Cliches
3.1 The poem discards normal romantic images and instead replaces them with untraditional images - i.e. "flowers" with "grass ditch"
4 oxymorons
4.1 "thousands of seconds we kiss" - thousands suggest lots but seconds is a very small amount of time - suggest that when their together even little time is lots
5 Time
5.1 Time is obviously very precious to the poet as it is referred to a lot and even in the tile - could suggest they don't have much time together - death or forbidden love
6 Contrasts
6.1 rich and traditional ideas are contrasted in the poem i.e. "flowers" and "grass ditch" and "gold" and "straw" these emphasise these words and make their personal experiences more precious than traditional ones
7 Light
7.1 the images of light in the poem - "candle" "shining hour" "Midas light" give a sense of perfectness, happiness and optimisum - these are only when they are together suggest they are only happy together
8 Single-word sentence
8.1 in the final stanza there is a sentence with only one word "Now." - suggests they only need now the past and future don't matter
9 Fairytales - dark latent meaning
9.1 the images of fairy tales - rumplsitlskin and king Midas suggest there is a dark undertone - fairy tales always have bad parts/someone trying to stop them

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