Topic 1 - Background to Mark's Gospel

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Topic 1 - Background to Mark's Gospel
1 Literalism - the direct word of God
1.1 Fundamentalism - put fundamental beliefs into practice
1.1.1 Conservatism - not the direct word of God Liberalism - open to faults and errors
2 Preserve the WoG, Encourage believers, Accurate events, Persecuted Christians
3 Nature of Mark's Gospel
3.1 to develop/strengthen faith
3.2 proclaim good news about Jesus
4 Why was it written?
4.1 Jesus shared stories orally, people wrote them down so they didn't forget
4.2 share the faith with others
5 Mark wrote his Gospel after Peters death in AD65
6 Different Views of the Gospel
7 Religious Background
7.1 Sanhedrin - Jewish court of law made up of 72 men (both backgrounds)
7.2 Pharisees - they believed Jesus was a warrior, the followed the Oral law
7.3 Sadducees - they didn't believe in the Messiah, the Afterlife or Ressurections
8 Opposition and Persecution
8.1 Christians were believed to be anti-social, immoral, a threat to the slave trade
9 Religious Background
9.1 Temple - one temple in Jerusalem (holy place)
9.1.1 Rabbi - 'teacher' who leads the Synangogue
10 Proof of Jesus' Real Words
10.1 Jesus spoke Aramaic, and Mark quoted him using Aramaic in his Gospel
11 How Christianity Came to Jerusalem
11.1 Church was mainly Jews
11.1.1 Then it appealed to non-Jews
11.2 People dissatisfied with existing religions were attracted to Christianity
11.3 People converted to Christianity and then told their faith to others
11.4 Overlooked people formed a social underclass
11.4.1 People of different ethnicity lined together in Rome

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