The Industrial Revolution

Shane Buckley
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Junior Certificate History Mind Map on The Industrial Revolution, created by Shane Buckley on 05/02/2013.

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The Industrial Revolution
1 Before the Industrial Revolution
1.1 90% of people lived in coutryside
2 Steam engine
2.1 Powered by coal and water
2.2 Used for pumping water out of coal mines
2.3 James Watt
2.3.1 Born in Scotland
2.3.2 Sick when he was young worked in his father's engineering shop
2.4 1782
3 Transport
3.1 Steam Ships
3.1.1 replaced sailing ships in 1780s
3.1.2 were twice as fast
3.2 Roads
3.2.1 john MacAdam
3.3 Railroads
3.3.1 George Stephenson Rocket
4 Life during The IR
4.1 more than 50% of people lived in towns
4.1.1 they lived in overcrowded slums
4.1.2 children did not go to school kids over 5 went to work in factories kiss were used because their hands could fit in the machines work started at 5:30 am and went on for 14 hours
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