American Revolution

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This flowchart is made to explain the advantage and disadvantage of the British and the Americans and how it effected the chanced at winning the war.

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American Revolution
  1. Advantage and disadvantage were of vital importance in each country's chances at winning the war.
    1. American Advantage


      • They know their mistakes from the French and Indian War. They use these experience to fight against the British Army. 
      1. British Disadvantage


        • On the other hand, the British army was far from their homeland, with no experience fighting in the land of America. This made them win with large cost. 
        1. American Disadvantage


          • While the British's disadvantage was on not adapting the land well, the American militia's disadvantage was simply on not trained as well as the British were.
          1. American Advantage


            • Despite that the American soldiers were not trained well enough, their firearms were for sure more powerful than the British. The Americans had multiple access to weapons that are more powerful and therefore offset their skills. 
            1. British Advantage


              • The British were much more well trained than the American Militias. In the battles between English and America, you can often see the British won war after war despite the effort American put into strategies. 
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