Settings and Locations

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Settings and Locations

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Settings and Locations
  1. Shopping Centre
    1. We decided to choose this location because we feel that it would be suitable in terms of the narrative and idea of our music video; Liam and the new girl Vicky being happy and having a fun time shopping together. This location will also be suitable for when Liam buys Codi the necklace. Overall, this is a very realistic location for the narrative of our music video.
    2. Raphael Park
      1. This is the location we will use for the lip syncing as we feel that it sets the mood of the music video as a park is a happy place and where people go to relax as well as to have fun; this suits our video as this is the main concept of our music video. There are several features within this location such as the bandstand and water fountain which would be good to use in our music video. The water fountain could be used as a backdrop for our video as it will link to the lyrics and title of the song ‘Tears’ and the bandstand would be a good place for the lip syncing as there is a nice backdrop behind it and she can dance around and have fun in it. As well as these features there are lots of paths that can be used – for example Vicky and Liam could would along the path holding hands; this will be a romantic part of the music video.
      2. Graces Kitchen
        1. We have decided to film in Grace’s kitchen because we felt that this would suit the happy part of the video where Vicky and Liam are making pizza together and having fun as a couple. The scene where Codi and Liam are arguing will also be filmed in this location as we feel it would be easier and would show the contrast in their relationships.
        2. V Festival
          1. This location is good to get festival shots that we can add into our music video; Grace took some really good shots that we can use and these will be effective in our music video. This will allows us to have a mixture of narrative based shots as well as performance shots.
          2. Eclipse Nightclub
            1. This is the location which will show Liam dancing happily in the club to show that he is having a good time. It will add extra to the narrative of our video.
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