Halsey - New Americana

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An analysis of Halsey's New Americana for Media A2 research

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Halsey - New Americana
  1. Mise-en-scene
    1. Underground bunker suggests that they're a secretive and rebellious group.
      1. Cigarettes- reinforces the image of the group being rebellious and fighting against authority.
        1. Low key lighting - This is used in the bunker shows that it's hidden away and it's a secret place that no one uses. Using this lighting also makes the place seem dodgy and strange so the audience watch the group with interest on why they're there.
          1. The antagonists of the music video are all wearing the same outfit which takes away their identity and shows that we are not to see them as individuals. They are important as a whole but not separately and makes the audience focus more on the rebellious group rather than the antagonists. They are more seen as a prop. However close ups are used on a few of the antagonists which shows that they are different and become more human like.
            1. Each member of the rebel group are all wearing something different but they are all of the colour black and are simple. This connects them all and suggests they are like an army but are all different. The women such as Halsey are still sexualised as they aren't covered up and are wearing minimal clothing so this shows that whilst they are strong and rebellious they can still be cool, feminine and sexualised.
              1. Halsey stands out as an unconventional pop singer/songwriter as she has blue hair which is cut very short and this is not typical of female pop stars. She is being represented as different and more tomboyish however she is still sexualised. The colour hair she has suggests she likes to be different and stand out. Her hairstyle is considered to be more of a male's style but the way she is dressed still shows off all her "womanly curves" so shows that she's confident, strong and likes to be different but still is feminine. This is a nice convention that has been challenged and one I would consider as it's a refreshing change to the normal pop star. Even though Halsey is different than to other female pop stars the audience can still identify with her (Uses and Gratifications Theory).
                1. Neale's theory can be applied to Halsey as she mostly fits the convention of a female pop star. There is a slight difference to her as she is a singer that can be linked to rock and alternative female singers such as Haley Williams since they are very out there, bold and confident.
              2. Camerawork
                1. Establishing shots - sets location and shows this rebel group are hidden away.
                  1. Long shot - shows everyone running and the location. It suggests that they're all following Halsey so she is the leader and they're off on another adventure. It pulls the audience in to find out what will happen next.
                    1. Tracking shots - These are used to follow and keep up with Halsey and the others such as when they are running away from the authority. It also shows who the focus of the video is which is Halsey and suggests shes important.
                      1. Close ups - these are used to show the people's emotions especially when Halsey is caught by the authority and is being tied up as you see rather expressionless looks from the other members of her group. It makes the audience angry that they are doing nothing for her but allows for the directors of the video to place a twist in there and show that they weren't just planning on doing nothing. Close ups allow for the audience to get up and personal with each person in the video. They were also used on the officials as even though they're all wearing the same outfit the close ups used on them showed that underneath they were different and they are human.
                      2. Editing
                        1. Video recorded effect - gives the audience a nostalgic feeling as they remind you of old family recorded videos. This suggests that the group that Halsey was in were like a family. It applies to the personal relationship part of the Uses and Gratifications theory as they become attached to the rebel group.
                          1. Quick shots - this happens during the action to create tension and excitement for the audience. They are also used so that the audience can keep up with everything that is going on.
                            1. There is a change in colours used in the scenes where there are two people kissing. These scenes change to purple and red which connotes romance and sensuality.
                            2. Soundtrack
                              1. Digetic sound - "Help!" shows her pleas for help and how no one was helping her. Extracts pity and sympathy from the audience and anger at the other members of her group. Makes the audience focus on the narrative rather than the song.
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