Global Patterns of Health, Disease and Death

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Global Patterns of Health, Disease and Death | AS Geography AQA A

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Global Patterns of Health, Disease and Death
1 Health
1.1 Physical, mental and social well-being and absence of disease
1.2 Health Indicators
1.2.1 Life Expectancy Higher in MEDCs, Lower in LEDCs (generally)
1.2.2 Obesity
1.2.3 Smoking
1.2.4 Incidence of Diseases
2 Morbidity
2.1 Illness
2.2 Morbidity Indicators
2.2.1 Prevalence The total number of cases in a population at a time
2.2.2 Incidence The number of new cases of a disease over a time period
2.3 Types of disease
2.3.1 Communicable Malaria HIV/AIDS Common in poorer countries Malnutrition Lack of clean water and sanitation Overcrowded Poor access to healthcare Limited health education Disease vectors Mosquitos
2.3.2 Non-communicable Cancer Heart disease Common in wealthier countries Diseases of affluence Higher proportion of elderly More common in elderly Unhealthy lifestyle Alcohol Cigarettes Drugs Unhealthy food
3 Mortality
3.1 Death
3.1.1 High morbidity causes high mortality
3.2 Mortality Rate
3.2.1 How many people die in a population over a period of time
3.2.2 Compare global patterns of death
3.2.3 Mortality rates for non-communicable diseases are higher in MEDCs
3.2.4 Mortality rates for communicable diseases are higher in LEDCs
3.3 The risk of dying from a disease is greater in poorer countries
3.3.1 Malnutrition Poor ability to fight disease
3.3.2 Poor access to healthcare People can't get the drugs they need
4 World Issues
4.1 Infectious diseases can spread around the world
4.1.1 Pandemic
4.1.2 HIV/AIDS
4.2 Countries need to work together
4.3 World Health Organisation (WHO)
4.3.1 Vaccinations
4.3.2 Screening
4.3.3 Health Education
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