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AS level Sociology Mind Map on NEW RIGHT PERSPECTIVES ON EDUCATION, created by Livvy Bridges on 10/27/2016.

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  1. new right
    1. negative view of the state and its education policies
      1. state can't meet the individual peoples needs
        1. better off if they can meet their own needs through the free market
          1. free market: privatisation state controlled: nationalisation (NHS)
          2. similarities with functionalism
            1. believe some people are naturally more intelligent than others
              1. education is meritocratic
                1. designed to serve the needs to the economy by preparing pupils for work
                  1. gives students a national identity
                  2. differences with functionalism
                    1. state run so can't meet individual needs
                      1. "one size fits all" schooling which degrades local needs so state schools are unresponsive and inefficient
                        1. schools can't answer to the consumers as they are state run, producing a less qualified workforce and a poor economy
                        2. education market
                          1. making education private
                            1. increases competition which allows the laws of supply and demand empower the consumer
                              1. creates a greater diversity, choice and efficiency as it meets the needs of the consumer
                              2. chubb and moe
                                1. american state education has failed and believe it should be free market
                                  1. disadvantaged groups are mistreated by the state so it fails to promote meritocracy
                                    1. privatisation gives a higher quality of education as they are answerable to the paying parents
                                      1. parents given a voucher to allow them to pay for their school of choice
                                        1. main source of income so schools are treated like businesses
                                        2. evaluation
                                          1. contradiction between support for parental choice then imposing a compulsory national curriculum on all schools
                                            1. marxists say that it doesn't impose a shared national culture but they want them to have the same culture of capitalism
                                              1. free market education only benefits the M/C as there's a cultural and economic capital to get the best schools
                                                1. under achievements in state schools isn't due to state but wider inequalities in society
                                                  1. post modernists believe schools are constantly changing
                                                  2. role of the state
                                                    1. gives basic framework in which schools have to operate
                                                      1. produces a shared culture so they're socialised into single heritage
                                                        1. national identity must show british history positively, eg. christian worship
                                                        2. influence on government policy
                                                          1. 1988 education reform act
                                                            1. new labour (1997) creating academy schools
                                                              1. parental choice with national curriculum, league tables and ofsted
                                                                1. puts pupils into competition with eachother
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