Place(41) types of retailers involved in distribution

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Place(41) types of retailers involved in distribution
1 Independents- newsagents, general stores and specialists selling bicycles for example.
2 Superstores or hypermarkets- very large stores, usually on the outskirts of towns, selling a wide range of goods under one roof.
3 Kiosks and street vendors- small outlets selling a limited range of goods. May be found in airports, at bus and train stations, in streets and the cinema, for example.
4 Online retailers- businesses such as Amazon that buy goods from manufacturers and sell them online to customers.
5 Market traders- usually small-time businesses selling goods from market stalls.
6 Supermarkets- large stores selling up to 20000 products lines including groceries, fresh foods, greeting cards, clothes, electrical goods, books and household goods.
7 Department stores- large stores split into distinct selling department such as menswear, lingerie, cosmetics, food, gifts and children's clothes.
8 Multiples- chains which own many stores selling the same range of goods

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