Tracing Changes Through 1000 Years

Ekanth sai Sundar Yellanki
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Ekanth sai Sundar Yellanki
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What Happened A 1000 Years Before? Were There Modern Technology Like Archive? Let Us See In This Mind Map

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Tracing Changes Through 1000 Years
1 Cartographer
1.1 A Person Who Makes Maps
2 Archive
2.1 A Place Where Documents And Manuscripts Are Stored. Today All National And State Governments Have Archive Where They keep All Their Old Official Records And Transactions
3 Habitat
3.1 Refers To The Environment Of A Region And The Social And Economic Lifestyle Of Its Residents
4 Patron
4.1 An Influential, Wealthy Individual Who Supports Another Person- An Artist, A Craft Person, A Learned Man Or A Noble
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