Impact of the Railways

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Created by olivia.paddock over 6 years ago
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Impact of the Railways
1 Social Impacts
1.1 Fresh foods were brought daily to the towns and cities.
1.2 Growth of Suburbia i.e. communities on the outskirts of towns.
1.3 Standard time was introduced throughout Britain.
1.4 Growth of tourist resorts and holidays based on rail.
1.5 Football fans could now go to away matches.
1.6 People could take day trips to the seaside.
1.7 Speeded up movement of people moving from the countryside to cities.
1.8 Many people could live outside cities and commune to work.
2 Economic Impacts
2.1 Bulky goods like iron and coal could be transported quicker and cheaper than by canal.
2.2 Farmers found a market for their fresh produce in towns.
2.3 Trawlers in Aberdeen could find a catch and the next day it would be in London.
2.4 Newspapers could reach the whole country in the day they were published.
2.5 The railway industry needed huge amount of iron, steel and coal.
2.6 The railway industry was a major employer.

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