Magazine Advert Analysis

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Magazine Advert Analysis

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Magazine Advert Analysis
  1. Red is the main colour and this could appeal to Rihanna's target audience (teenager/young adult females) as red connotes love which suggests that the album is going to be focused around love songs- this would appeal to Rihanna's target audience as stereotypically teenage girls only care about boys and want love
    1. The artist face is seen on the majority of the magazine advert and this attracts the target audiences attention. If some of Rihanna's fans were to see this advert they would be able to tell straight away who the advert is promoting (Rihanna) and want to find out more information about it immediately as they would already be fans. It would also attract people who aren't fans as they could be curious as to who the person is and want to find out more about the advert.
      1. The focus of the advert is on Rihanna. In the image on the left she is dressed nicely and this could be to appeal to a male target audience who may not necessarily like her music, but they could be drawn in by her physical appearance. This magazine advert is used successfully in a voyeuristic manner. The image on the right is a close up of her face which again draws people in as they would be focusing on just her looks, but it is also the image of the album cover which alerts people who look at the advert of what to look for in shops if they want to get her new album.
        1. There is only a minimum amount of writing on the advert which means that there is nothing to distract you from the important information which is displayed in bold white writing which contrasts with the bright red. The most important information is the artists name- Rihanna, the name of the album- LOUD, and the release date- November 16th.
          1. Red also connotes danger which links to the title of the album "LOUD". The colour red stands out, just like, danger and people are usually drawn to danger so because of the red people will be drawn to the advert.
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