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This shows how the Three-Link Protocol works. Sally is invited by Jim. She then invites two people - Mary and John. Jim had previously been invited by Paul, and so on. With this networking tool, you can easily plan events, get to know others, share information and even find a couch to crash on while travelling. People are given a colour by their inviter when joining. If your inviter is red and you are green, your invitees must be blue and yellow. This is important for planning events.

Resource summary

1 Jim
1.1 Paul
1.2 Tim
2 Mary
2.1 Rachel
2.1.1 Harry
2.1.2 Hayley
2.2 Rebecca
2.2.1 Joseph
2.2.2 Trisha
3 John
3.1 Larry
3.1.1 Earl
3.1.2 Jonas
3.2 Suzie
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