What where the successes and failures of Detene

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During 1970-1979 Russia and America tried to improve their relationship after ending brinksmanship following the Cuban Missile crisis.

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What where the successes and failures of Detene
1 SALT-I The Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (1972)
1.1 Agreed on ABM restrictions
1.1.1 Interim agreement of offensive arms Sides were alllowed to use satellites to make sure they complied to rules- prevent spying
1.2 Failed to restrict developing weapons
1.2.1 No restrictions on MIRV'S
1.2.2 No limitations on strategic bombers and their bombs
2 The Arab-Israeli War (1973)
2.1 Nixon presented alternitive plants which involved the UN.
2.2 USA and the USSR indirectly fought each other again
3 Nixon's Visit to Moscow (1974)
3.1 Actually went on Russian grounds
3.1.1 Agreed on ending the arms race Eliminate International tensions Continue to remove danger of war
3.2 No focused goals made.
3.2.1 Didn't actually agree to end the arms race and instead said to 'eventually do so'
4 The Space Link up
4.1 Set an example
4.1.1 Showed equality It was ordinary people which showed that they hoped society would warm up to one another
4.2 It appeared staged
4.2.1 Only 5 people
5 Helsinki Agreements (1975)
5.1 Involved 33 other nations
5.1.1 Addressed 3 major international issues It was specific and precise
5.2 USSR denied changes in the Human Right's Policies
5.2.1 Groups inculding America policed and monitored USSR adhierence to the treaty. This angered the USSR because america was on their back again
6 SALT II (1979)
6.1 The agreed on specific amounts and included detail
6.1.1 Limit and eventual ban on ICBN launchers Ban on deployment of new types of arms
6.2 The treaty was signed but not confirmed because the USA felt that it could not be monitored
6.2.1 NATO placed long range misiels in Europe USSR INVADED AFGHANISTAN
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