JC The Age of Exploration

Karen Traynor
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Karen Traynor
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JC The Age of Exploration
  1. Reasons for the Age of Exploration
    1. To Spread Christianity
      1. To Gain New Routes
        1. To Gain an Empire
          1. To Gain Wealth
          2. New Insturments
            1. Astrolabe
              1. Quadrant
                1. Compass
                  1. Log and Line
                    1. Lead and Line
                    2. Portuguese Explorers
                      1. Vasco De Gama
                        1. Discovered route to India
                        2. Prince Henry
                          1. (The Navigator)
                            1. Set up school of navigation
                            2. Bartholemew Diaz
                              1. Reached the tip of Africa
                            3. Christopher Colombus
                              1. Sailed west to reach the east
                                1. Discovered Cuba, Hispanola and San Salvador
                                  1. Discovered America and the Pacific without knowing
                                  2. The Conquistadors
                                    1. (Conquerers)
                                      1. Took over Civilisations
                                        1. C.A.M
                                          1. Cortes
                                            1. Aztecs
                                              1. Mexico
                                              2. P.I.P
                                                1. Pizarro
                                                  1. Incas
                                                    1. Peru
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