Trotsky's Personality

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Trotsky's Personality
1 Most heroic of the contenders
1.1 Had led the October Revolution with Lenin and had commanded Red Army during Civil War
1.1.1 Commissar for War
2 Gifted theorist and orator, inspiring loyalty in his troops.
2.1 Only member of the Party who could rival Lenin in intelligence and writings about Marxism.
3 Radical vision for the future of Russia, appealing to young and idealistic members of the Party.
3.1 His contribution from 1917-1924 rivalled that of Lenin himself.
4 Arrogant and dismissive of other leading figures.
4.1 Never went out of his way to endear himself to peers who feared his rigid views could cause a split in the Party.
4.1.1 Many older Bolsheviks thought him an outsider - joined in 1917. Some were unconvinced of his loyalty - could be seen as too loyal, agreeing with decisions to avoid damaging party.
5 Did not like political infighting, making of deals and alliances - preferred debates, vulnerability.
6 From late 1923 for three years, suffered with fever - weakened and unable to deal with political attacks. Absent from crucial votes in the Politburo, though some meetings by his bedside. Fact Jewish - affected some views.

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