Zinoviev's Personality

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Created by EmmaSmile over 6 years ago
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Zinoviev's Personality
1 Active in the party as early as 1903 and worked closely with Lenin before Revolution.
1.1 Fell out with Lenin as wanted a Socialist coalition.
1.1.1 Opposed armed uprising of October 1917 and was not given a major position in Sovnarkom which ran day to day government. Made Party Secretary in Leningrad which allowed him to build up some power
2 Less intellectual than other contenders.
3 1919 made Chairman of the Comintern, role was to help spread revolution elsewhere with Communists from Britain, Germany etc attending conferences
3.1 Full member of Politburo in 1921.
4 Unpopular, seen as vain and cowardly as had avoided fighting during Civil War, staying in most expensive hotel in Petrograd surrounded by prostitutes.

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