Scottish Resistance to Edward I, 1296 - 1305

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Scottish Resistance to Edward I, 1296 - 1305
  1. Wallace and Murray joined forces
    1. Heard English were marching to Scotland, met them at Stirling - victory at Stirling Bridge impressive
      1. Shows resistance as they fought the English in battle and won
      2. Had the support of the Church
        1. Bishop Wishart supported Wallace
          1. Shows resistance as support from important organisation in medieval society,
            1. Maintained support for Scottish independence
          2. Wallace was made guardian of Scotland
            1. Lubeck sent letters to Merchants in Germany to try rebuild trafe
              1. Shows resistance was more than just fighting, they were trying to rebuild Scotland
              2. Wallace involvement in international diplomacy
                1. Wrote to the Pope and King of France to try and get their help for Balliols release
                  1. Shows resistance more than fighting, trying to get foreign involvement and help
                  2. As Guardian Wallace raided into Northern England
                    1. Wallace employed brutal tactics against local garrisons and communities
                      1. Stealing supplies
                        1. Weakening English morale
                          1. draining English resources
                        2. Rebellion of Andrew Moray
                          1. North of Scotland
                            1. defeated English forces
                              1. Exceeded Wallaces rebellion
                              2. Shows resistance as Moray was regaining control of Scotland, and raising morale and support
                                1. Made Highlands virtually ungovernable for the English
                                  1. Cost high for troops and resources to try and control the highlands - unsuccessful
                                    1. Shows resistance as other Scottish nobles were important and rebellion was not limited to one area of Scotland
                                    2. Rebellion across north of Scotland, Including Aberdeen and Inverness
                                      1. many key Scottish castles were retaken including Inverness Castle.
                                        1. Shows resistance as castles were important for controlling the surrounding area & the scots were retaking the control of the key castles and their surrounding areas.
                                      2. Rebellion of William Wallace
                                        1. Across Southern Scotland
                                          1. After killing Sheriff of Lanark, Wallace began driving the English out of Fife and Perthshire
                                            1. Shows resistance as it helped weaken English control, it would help gather more followers and encourage more Scots to resist
                                            2. Important Scottish family, Comyns, continued fighting
                                              1. They defeated English forces at the Battle of Roslyn
                                                1. Shows resistance as other key families involved in resisting the English
                                                2. The Scots lost the Battle of Falkirk heavy defeat at the hands of the English army led by Edward
                                                  1. Wallace resigned as Guardian, was replaced by Robert the Bruce and John Comyn
                                                    1. Shows resistance as the Scots were committed to independence, as despite of their defeat the scots continued to resist
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