Bukharin's Personality

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Bukharin's Personality
1 Inquisitive.
2 Known as the "Golden Boy of the Revolution" by Lenin
3 Younger than the other contenders
3.1 Joined the Bolshevik Party in 1906
3.2 Some older communists thought he was too young to lead.
4 Could argue well as supporter of the NEP
4.1 Radicals on left wing suspicious of his economic policy
5 Arrested in 1912, escaping to Germany.
5.1 Became a major figure before 1917 and was close to Lenin
5.1.1 Debated with Lenin on political strategy and was an important theorist.
5.1.2 Leading figure on Pravda throughout 1917
6 Led left wing opposition to signing of Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
6.1 1920-1921 criticised Trotsky and Lenin over trade union controversy and did not become full member of Politburo until 1922.
7 Did not have the skills or cunning of Stalin
8 Lenin's Testament criticised his theories as 'not fully Marxist' - he believed that not only Marxists should contribute
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