The Medieval Church and the Black Death

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The Medieval Church and the Black Death
1 The Church's Teachings
1.1 Doom Paintings: Monks write them because most people could not understand Latin.
1.1.1 Everyone was Catholic
2 The Black Death
2.1 The Black Death: There were two types of Black Death - Pneumonic Plague and Bubonic Plague. If you caught both you were certain to die. You got things called Buboes which contained a black toxic pus.
3 Members of the church
3.1 Monks
3.1.1 Nuns
3.2 Priests
4 The Peasants Revolt
4.1 The Peasants were fed up with the Black Death because they couldn't earn more money now.
4.2 They were fed up with Workservice, some people had to work for free, work service is that law and the Lord records all of the hours they do. If they didn't work they would be arrested!
4.3 Poll Tax was also something that the peasants were angry about. The people had to pay 5 pennies whereas the year before it had been 1 penny. And some people even struggled to pay that.
4.4 People in the Peasants Revolt
4.4.1 Wat Tyler = Leader if the Peasants Revolt
4.4.2 John Ball = Priest who believed all men were equal and should not be forced to work for free
4.4.3 Richard II = King of England at the time
4.4.4 John of Gaunt = The king's uncle and adviser
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