1905 Revolution Causes Continued

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1905 Revolution Causes Continued
  1. Russo Japanese War 1904-5
    1. Russia expanded its empire over the Far East
      1. Conflict w/ Japan over control of Northern China and Korea
        1. Seized Port Arthur and sank Russian fleet
      2. Contribution
        1. Caused humilation
          1. Despair turned to anger
          2. Highlighted weaknesses in Tsarist system
            1. Working class conditions worsened
              1. Food supplies broke down
                1. Factories closed
                  1. Shortage of raw materials
              2. Undermined support for Tsar
                1. Prolonged revolution
                  1. War events took place after revolution
                  2. Angered working class
                    1. Resources bypassed cities to borders for army
                  3. Was Tsar to blame?
                    1. Ultimately Tsar's decision to enter war
                      1. Worsened Russia's state
                      2. Plehve could be to blame
                        1. Evidenced by assassination 1904
                        2. Tsar did it with good intentions
                      3. Nationalities and Ethnic Minorities Anger
                        1. Russification policy
                          1. Aimed to re-establish unity
                            1. 1885 - official lang.
                              1. 1881 - Empire had 200 nationalities under Russification
                            2. Contribution
                              1. Caused resentment/anger
                                1. Wanted to preserve own nationality
                                  1. No constitutional means to voice anger
                                    1. Resorted to revolution
                                    2. Any support for national minorities was seen as support for weakening Russia's true identity
                                    3. Pogroms
                                      1. Anger from Jews
                                      2. Jews, Poles, Fins etc wanted autonomy and independancce
                                      3. Was Nicholas to blame?
                                        1. Not done under his control
                                          1. Made no attempt to change
                                        2. Peasant Anger
                                          1. Emancipation Act 1861
                                            1. Was not as freeing as hoped
                                              1. Restricted to mir
                                                1. Redemption Payments
                                                  1. Bad land
                                                2. Increasing peasant population put pressure on land
                                                  1. Suffered periodic famines
                                                    1. Poor harvests 1900 + 1902
                                                    2. Effects of industrialisation
                                                      1. Low wages
                                                        1. High taxes
                                                          1. Bad conditions
                                                          2. Contribution
                                                            1. No choice but to react with violence
                                                              1. Wasn't given concessions
                                                                1. 1902-4 uprisings ('jacqueries') became more frequent
                                                                  1. Attacked govt officials and destroyed unpaid rent documents
                                                                2. Tsar to blame?
                                                                  1. Inherited discontent with position
                                                                    1. No attempts to help
                                                                  2. Opposition Groups
                                                                    1. Liberals
                                                                      1. Political change with an elected duma
                                                                      2. Revolutionaries
                                                                        1. Social Rev.
                                                                          1. Peasant rev to create socialism
                                                                          2. Social Dem.
                                                                            1. Urban working classes to stage rev. and create Communist state
                                                                          3. Contribution
                                                                            1. Alexander III repressed all opposition
                                                                              1. E.g. censorship of liberal ideas
                                                                                1. Anger/unrest
                                                                                2. Were denied all basic freedoms
                                                                                  1. E.g. freedom to form political parties
                                                                                3. Tsar to blame?
                                                                                  1. Reforms under Alexander III reign
                                                                                    1. Nothing to reverse these reforms
                                                                                  2. Exiled took advantage after Bloody Sunday
                                                                                    1. Helped to provoke revolution
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