Speaking for academic purposes

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From your experience propose the most effective strategies or types of practice for helping students to develop the communicative skills and It is a graphic.

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Speaking for academic purposes
  1. Strategy
    1. Check your level for speaking
      1. 1. Beginner- Low-intermediate
        1. 2. Intermediate- Upper Intermediate
          1. 3. Advanced
            1. If we do not know our speaking level
              1. We consult websites that offer test of voice checks or voice recognition.
                1. An example of speaking level checking is this site:
                  1. http://www.ebpai.com/test-de-nivel/
                    1. This level will be only GUIDANCE
                      1. Since in speaking it is frequent that the students have high level in grammar, but they are beginners when they try to speak in English.
                        1. How to implement this strategy in the classroom
                          1. Exercises to practice phrases aloud
                            1. Depending on the level of Speaking you can practice with these resources:
                              1. In videos of topics of your interest
                                1. Repeat aloud sentence structures
                                  1. Many dialogues to practice English American and British
                                    1. Many dialogues to practice English American and British
                                      1. Many dialogues to practice English American and British
                                        1. Do the exercises- "Phrases for conversation" English American or British.
                                          1. When you hear the sentence the first time, point it out and look at your phonetics and approximate pronunciation.
                            2. You can get many questions
                              1. You can do it to yourself or practice with someone else
                                1. Remember and practice the correct structure of the questions
        2. Do Interesting Activities in English
          1. Discusses topics about
            1. Current topics
              1. Movies
                1. Books you've read
                  1. Newspaper articles or magazines
                  2. You Can imagine or attent to events practicing it's in the following situations:
                    1. Lectures
                      1. Seminars
                        1. Debates
                          1. Debates
                            1. Interviews
                            2. Make Friends
                              1. Take a course on the topic of your interest in English or join a Reading club
                                1. Make friends with English speakers and others who are learning to speak English.
                                  1. And
                                    1. Exchange ideas.
                                      1. Talk about the things you have learned
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