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Year 11 History Mind Map on Stresemann, created by Jodi Burke on 11/15/2016.

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  1. Young plan
    1. Reduced reparation payments further
      1. Germany could join the League of Nations
        1. Germany's relationships with the Allies improved as they showed their co-operation
        2. Dawes Plan
          1. USA gave them loans of 800 million gold marks
            1. These loans allowed Germany to get back on their feet and pay off reparations
              1. Germany paid less monthly but over a longer period of time
              2. Economic Prosperity
                1. After recovering from the crisis in 1923, American banks were willing to loan Germany vast sums of money
                  1. This money meant Germany could build over 3 million new homes, new roads and railways were built
                  2. Political stability
                    1. The extremist parties did badly as Germans liked the way things were
                      1. 9th of November 1923 Hitler organised a Munich Putsch, the army and police supported Stresemann
                        1. Hitler wanted the Germans to support him but they were happy enough with how Stresemann had fixed Germany
                        2. Promised to pay Reparations/stopped Passive resistance
                          1. When German people started to work again Germany were able to make money agaim
                            1. The Belgians and French stopped the invasion of the Ruhr
                              1. Germany was going bankrupt due to passive resistance in the Ruhr
                                1. The allies were able to negotiate about reparation payments
                                2. New currency
                                  1. German mark destroyed due to hyperinflation
                                    1. Introduced a new currency called Rentenmark
                                      1. People then gained confidence in the currency
                                        1. Prices returned to normal
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