Golden Age Of Stresseman

George Donaghy
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George Donaghy
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GCSE History Mind Map on Golden Age Of Stresseman, created by George Donaghy on 11/15/2016.

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Golden Age Of Stresseman
  1. Reparation Payments
    1. He helped solve the problem of the invasion of the ruhr and took out loans to help pay back reparations
    2. Currency
      1. he introduced a new currency to solve the issue of hyperinflation and the change in value
      2. Dawes and Young Plan
        1. The plans that he organised helped solve the issue of bankruptcy and not being able to pay back loans and reparations. He took out loans to pay back the allies
        2. with american loans new houses, roads and factorys were able to be builgt
          1. With revolts like hitlers he was able to get support of the army and police to crush these threats .
            1. Because of stressemans large support extremeist partys done badly at elections as the majority of the public were content
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