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A mindmap exploring the idea of belonging in our lives. It is an initial impression of what I think belonging means, it has since been expanded on through the area of study.

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  1. Choice
    1. A choice
      1. Mental
        1. Belonging to a social group, choosing to engage in conversations
          1. Evaluating the level of Belonging
          2. Physical
            1. In a team, sport. e.g Rugby, AFL, Basketball etc. etc.
          3. No choice
            1. Born into Belonging
              1. Country of birth e.g Australia
                1. Religion
                  1. Family, extended Family
                    1. The World
                      1. The Human Race
                      2. Forced into it by traditions or Culture
                        1. Religion e.g Islam, Judaism, Christianity
                          1. Bullied into choices
                            1. Alcohol, drugs
                              1. Crime
                          2. Don't need to make a Choice
                            1. People make the choice for us
                              1. Friends accepting us before we attempt to belong with them
                                1. Government
                                2. The choice makes itself
                                  1. Love
                                    1. Mutual, unspoken belonging
                                3. We feel an obligation towards belonging
                                  1. We need people
                                    1. Surrouding ourselves gives us the sense of actual belonging
                                      1. False sense of Belonging
                                        1. Self Confidence
                                      2. We need Acceptance
                                        1. It defines us
                                        2. Evaluation of Self Worth
                                          1. Creates our image of ourself
                                            1. Self-Confidence
                                              1. Leads to further belonging
                                            2. Fundamental to our perception of ourselves
                                              1. Without it we feel empty, alone. We do not feel like we have a part in this world.
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