VietCong's Guerrilla Warfare

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The tactics and strategies used by the VietCong when fighting the Americans and why they were effective and useful.

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VietCong's Guerrilla Warfare
1 Ho Chi Minh Trail
1.1 A very long trail running through Laos and Cambodia (adjoining countries) where resources for the VC (e.g food, weapons, oil etc) was passed through on bicycles
1.2 The trail was covered by jungles so USA didn't know where it was
1.3 This was effective because the USA didn't know where it was and even if they did, they couldn't attack it because it was in other countries (which supported the VC) so they couldn't invade them. It meant that the VC were still strong and thriving, and showed they were organised too.
2 Tunnels
2.1 Underground so USA couldn't find them even if they 'carpet-bombed'
2.2 It was where VC would live for months on end with their resources and had sleeping, eating and medical care caves.
2.3 Effective because USA didn't know where it was and it was protected against their weapons. It was a huge network of tunnels and gave VC a safe base in South Vietnam
3 Hit and Run
3.1 VC fighters would shoot at the American troops then run and hide in the tunnels underground. (They could also hide in the trees in the jungles).
3.2 This was effective because it meant the US troops could never see their enemy and had to always be alert and on the watch for anything
4 Booby Traps
4.1 Pitfall traps: a pit would be dug and spikes put in it (which were covered with poison and excrement to make wounds fester) and covered up with soil and leaves so American troops could fall into it at any time
4.2 Swinging spike logs: a log would be hidden out of sight and was covered with sharp spikes to fatally injure a US soldier. It would come swinging down at any moment to hit someone
4.3 Tunnel booby traps: metal frames covered in metal spikes would slam into an intruder in the tunnels
4.4 Spikes: buried under earth so you could stab your foot on one at any time
4.5 The resources for these simple traps often came from the remnants of weapons that the USA had fired on the VC and they were made by villagers for them
4.6 Effective because US soldiers could never see the enemy and had to be constantly alert for traps which was tiring. South Vietnamese villagers made these traps so it brought them closer to the VC and they were more supportive of them

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