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Media Studies:Video Games
1 Video Games Case Studies
1.1 GTA V
1.1.1 Created by Rockstar Games
1.2 Assassin's Creed Black Flag
1.2.1 Created by Ubisoft
1.3 Sims 3
1.3.1 Since it’s initial release in February 4th 2000[The first Sims], the two sequels plus expansions have unit sales eclipsing 125 million worldwide.
1.3.2 It has generated $2.5B of revenue which matches the amount that Avatar, Titanic and The Matrix trilogy achieved.
1.3.3 Created by EA
1.4 FIFA
1.4.1 FIFA 13 was the best selling games of 2013, selling 1,898,170 copies between January and June 2013
1.4.2 Sales of FIFA 2014 were up 328% due to being bundled with the X Box One
1.4.3 Created by EA
2 Video Industry Case Studies
2.1 Nintendo
2.1.1 Stock prices have fallen from $18 to $14.40 which is a 17% decrease.
2.2 Microsoft
2.2.1 Xbox One priced at £429 when originally released As of March 2014, sold 4 million units
2.2.2 Stock price at $40 as of March 2014
2.3 Sony
2.3.1 PS4 orignally priced at £349 As of March 2014, sold 6 million units
2.3.2 Stock prices now at $17.65 as of March 2014
2.4 EA
2.4.1 EA is targeting towards the younger generation as their games are based on machinery such as iPhone’s and iPad’s.
2.4.2 also based around young adult themes such as younger men playing football or an idealistic life that most young girls wish to create
2.4.3 There are, however, subtle hints to the older generations with the involvement of Tetris as it is a classic older game.
2.4.4 EA was formed in 1982 by Trip Hawkins
3 Terminology
3.1 Synergy
3.1.1 Marketing a brand or image across different media (eg lucasade in lara croft, star wars lego)
3.2 Intertexuality
3.2.1 When one media text makes reference to another
3.3 Convergance
3.3.1 Things coming together (different content/ Same platform) (Same content/ different platform)
3.4 Dichotomy

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