Cold War Historiography

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Cold War Historiography
1 Orthodox
1.1 Holds the soviet Union responsible for the Cold War - states the the soviet union were inevitably expansionist due to their suspicion of the west and in accordance with the marxist theory of world revolution
1.1.1 Stalin violated Yalta and Potsdam agreements, occupied and imposed soviet control in eastern europe and plotted to spread communism throughout the world The US had to act defensively from the truman doctrine and the marshall plan to the establishment of NATO
2 Post Revisionist
2.1 neither the us nor the USSR can be held solely responsible for the cold war- grew out of a complicated interaction of internal and external factors
2.1.1 the external situation- circumstances beyond the control of any power left the americans and russians facing one another across prostrated europe at the end of WW2 internal influences in the soviet union- the need for security, the role of ideology, massive post-war reconstruction, the personality of stalin USA- need for self-determination, fear of communism, the illusion of omnipotence fostered by american economic strength
2.1.2 misperceptions played an important role at the beginning of the cold war- both superpowers overestimated the strength and threat of each other and much of the growing tension of the 1940s was a result of the pattern of action and reaction- both sides were improvising rather then following a well defined plan of action
3 Revisionist
3.1 Holds the US responsible for the cold war- the motives behind US foreign policy were seen as inherently linked to capitalism- containment of communism was driven by the requirement to secure markets and free trade - american policy was determined by the nature of capitalism and by fears of recession - also saw stalin as a pragmatic leader and the americans should have been more willing to understand his needs (stalin then would have made concessions)
4 Post Cold war Historians
4.1 Focuses on the role of stalin- suggests that stalins policies coupled with the soviet totalitarian/authoritarian government that drew the west into an escalation of hostility and the arms race

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