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1 Glasnost
1.1 'Openness'
1.2 Gave people to freedom of speech
1.2.1 This meant they criticized the Government, Gorbachev
2 Perestroika
2.1 'Restructuring'
2.2 Reforming the economy
2.3 Did not work, more people lived in the poverty
2.3.1 Standard of living went down
3 Berlin Wall
3.1 Went up in 1961, under Krushchev
3.2 Came down in 1989
3.3 Began the uprisings across Eastern Europe
4 Eastern Bloc
4.1 Eastern European countries began to rise against communism and the USSR
4.1.1 Gorbachev, unlike Brezhnev, did not send the tanks in This meant that the countries uprising was a success and the Gorbachev had broken up the Soviet Empire
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