Target Audience

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target audience

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Target Audience
  1. Secondary Audience
    1. The secondary audience is aimed at people aged 13-65
      1. We have rated the secondary audience at the youngest age of 13 because they will only be watching it in order to be able to tell their friends that they have seen the film. They will not actually understand it and grasp what is going on.
        1. We have also rated our secondary audience at the age of 65 because most people at this age are retired and therefore have more free time to watch different kinds of films. At the age of 65, they will be able to understand the concept of the film, even though the characters involved are not around the same age as them,
      2. Primary Audience
        1. This film will be a 15 age rating certificate
          1. The ages of the target audience who will be most likely to watch this film will be between 16-35.
          2. As this film will be a Thriller, the message will be hard for people younger than the age of 15 to understand, therefore in order for our target audience to enjoy the film by understanding it, we have decided to give it this age rating.
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