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Jsu timeline
1 September 17, 1787 The US Constitution was ratified.
2 !791-!804 The Haitian Revolt.
3 1794 Eli Whitney created the cotton gin which sped up the process of removing seeds from cotton fiber.
4 March 2, 1807 End of International slave trade- Congress abolishes the African slave trade.
5 May 1822 The Vesey Revolt expressed veiws of equality.
6 August 1831 Nat Turner led a group of enslaved and free black men in a rebellion.
7 1846-1848 Mexican American War- first US armed conflict fought on foreign soil.
8 September 18, 1850 Fugitive Slave Act of 1850- It allowed the capture and return o fugitive slaves to their rightful owners with the territories of the US.
9 March 20, 1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin- Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the anti-slavery book. It was a major influence on the way Americans viewed slavery.
10 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act- said that new states north of the boundary line could vote on whether or not they want slavery.
11 March 1857 Dred Scott Case- incensed abolitionists and heightened North-South tensions.
12 October 16-18, 1859 Haper's Ferry Raid- planned to establish an independent stronghold of freed slaves in the mountains of Maryland and Virginia.
13 1860 Abrham Lincoln- first Republican to win prsidency.
14 1861-1865 Attack on Fort Sumter- site of first shots of the civil war.
15 Cotton Revolution
16 Missouri Crisis
17 1800s Second Great Awakening- consisted mostly of camp meetings of preaching.
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