Thriller Mindmap

Jody Cook
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Jody Cook
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mind map for thriller genre

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Thriller Mindmap
1 Conventions
1.1 Non diegetic sound to build tension - heartbeats, synchronous music etc.
1.1.1 Diegetic sound of breathing/ screaming
1.2 Low key lighting as typical of thriller
1.3 Black and white shots
1.4 Effects used on Photoshop - video camera
1.5 Changes in angles and shots
2 Mise en scene
2.1 Low key lighting
2.2 Dingy location (forest)
2.3 Ripped clothing for antagonist to make them look dirty
2.3.1 Dark colours as conventional
2.4 Nice clothing for the protagonist
2.5 Shaddows
3 Builds a climax
4 Close up and extreme close up of protagonist and antagonist, and also quick shots to hide the identity of antagonist
5 Literary devices are used extensivley
5.1 Plot twists
5.2 Red herring
5.3 Cliff hangers
6 Gives viewers heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation and anxiety
7 Battle between the protagonist and the antagonist is the disruption in the equilibrium (Todorov)
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