Monotheistic Religions

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This is my Mind Map about Monotheistic Religion

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Monotheistic Religions
1 Jewish, or Judaism
1.1 God tells Abraham to move to Canaan,


  • Judaism start at Egypt 
1.1.1 Many Israelites go to Egypt. The Israelites become slaves in Egypt. The Leader Mosses lead them out of Egypt, and go back to Canaan, the place that God prepare for Mosses. The Israelites learn the Judaism when they travel from Egypt to Canaan about 40 years. When Roman attack Jerusalem , they lost King Soloman's temple.
2 Christianity
2.1 God tells his only son Jesus, to come to our world to save us.
2.1.1 After Jesus died, his disciples know that Jesus is God's son, so many people start to believe that Jesus is the Messiah Only Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah
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