What is an effective global knowledge program?


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What is an effective global knowledge program?
  1. An effective global knowledge program integrates problem solving
    1. Integrate the global knowledge by putting an emphasis on innovation, understanding and discovery.
      1. Integrate all parties curriculum within the global knowledge program equally.
        1. Expand culture and diversity within the global knowledge program.
        2. Teaches communication
          1. The global knowledge teaches students how to speak when it comes to debates.
            1. Global knowledge also teaches students how to communicate when they present before their peers.
              1. Communication in an effective global knowledge program by teaches students how to dialogue with other countries.
              2. Fosters collaboration
                1. Teachers and students must learn to work with others from different cultures. Trends suggest that Americans are out numbered by members of other countries
                  1. Students must work with other team members in order to solve comprehensive problems.
                    1. Teachers must provide students with opportunites to work with one another in a student centered uncontrolled environment
                    2. An effective global knowledge program builds trust.
                      1. Teachers need to be reliable when collaborating with others.
                        1. When a teacher promises something, they must honor their promise.
                          1. When working with others, be open and "tell the truth.
                          2. An effective global knowledge program teaches sportmanship.
                            1. Learn to abide by rules of the game when working with others.
                              1. Encourage each other when working as a team.
                                1. Take turns and shares in the responsibilities.
                                2. An effective global knowledge program teaches 21st century skills
                                  1. Life skills such as money management and how to be a good citizen must be taught
                                    1. P21 states that students must learn the ability to adapt to change, work independently, manage one's time effectively and get along with people from different cultures and backgrounds in their quest to gain 21st century skills.
                                      1. Students learn the skills of critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving, technology as part of the quest to implement 21st century skills.
                                      2. Incorporates Critical Thinking
                                        1. Critical thinking teaches students to look analyze situations in various ways.
                                          1. Critical thinking also allows the student to be themselves.
                                            1. Critical thinking teaches students to ask higher orders of thinking.
                                            2. Promotes life long learning
                                              1. Lifelong learning teaches ways of how not to fall into the traps of poverty levels.
                                                1. A love of learning also teaches students to add prior knowledge to what they already know.
                                                  1. Lifelong learning teaches growth while closing all gaps in education.
                                                  2. An effective global knowledge program incorporatesTechnology
                                                    1. Students must be able to gather information using technology sources and discern the reliability of the source from which the information was obtained
                                                      1. Students must be able to naviagate social media in order to find jobs.
                                                        1. Teachers and students may use technology in a variety of formats across curricula
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