Causes of 1905 Revolution (Russia)

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Causes of 1905 Revolution (Russia)
1 Military
1.1 Russian Imperial Army and Navy suffered embarassing defeats
1.1.1 Forced to surrender Port Arthur
1.1.2 Japanese Army defeated Russia in Manchuria
1.1.3 Battle of Tsushima Russian Navy lost 25 out of 35 warships
2 Political
2.1 Frequent Jacqueries
2.1.1 Peasant attacks on Govt. record buildings
2.2 Overcrowding in cities and towns
2.2.1 Due to rapid industrialisation
2.3 Lack of national assembly and opposition to autocracy
2.3.1 Growth of political opposition groups Lacked organisation Wanted different results
2.4 Protest led by Father Gapon to take petition to the Tsar
2.4.1 Resulted in 200 protesters being shot dead Survivors were exiled from St Petersburg
2.4.2 Bloody Sunday 400,000 workers went on strike in February
2.5 Soviets
2.5.1 Workers councils, set up to organise protests St Petersburg Soviet had 400 members Represented 96 factories
2.5.2 Leon Trotsky was a key member
2.6 Railway workers strike
2.6.1 Paralysed the country
3 Social
3.1 There were social injustices
3.1.1 80% of the population peasants were living in poverty
3.2 Rapid Population Expansion
3.2.1 98 million (1885) increased to 125 million (1905)
3.3 Became harder for peasants to grow enough food
4 Economic
4.1 Emancipation
4.1.1 More serfs competing for land Led to decrease in the size of peasant landholdings
4.2 Harvest failures
4.2.1 Famines Common
4.2.2 1892, 1898, 1901

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