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1 Lawful/ fair/ just
1.1 Defends weaker members of ranch community e.g Lennie from Curley
1.2 Admired, is the leader of the ranch community, the "prince of the ranch"
1.3 "Slim's opinions were law." Considered superior; men have more respect for him than they do for the boss
1.4 Puts Curley in his place. The reader already feels Curley is the bad guy so when Slim stands up to him he looks like the hero
1.5 Calm and reasonable, is only angry when Curley falsely causes him of being with his wife
1.6 Takes on the role of ranch judge. When Lennie crushes Curley's hand he takes charge, recognising that Lennie is in the right as he was antagonised. He takes authority, speaking on behalf of the group. He tells everyone what to do and lies for the good of the group. He reasons with Curley, cleverly pointing out that if Curley did say Lennie did it, he would be shamed for losing in a fight.


  • "I think you got your han' caught in a machine. If you don't tell nobody what happened, we ain't going to. But you jus' tell an' try to get this guy canned and we'll tell everybody, and then will you get the laugh."
1.7 Recognises Lennie needs leniency when deciding what to do about Curley's hand
2 Thoughtful/ respectful
2.1 Is seen as the "prince of the ranch" but doesn't act like he is superior to the others, which gains him more respect. He is shown as a prince but also as a normal ranch hand, like Jesus or a holy figure: "God-like eyes"
2.2 Only he knows that George shot Lennie with Carlson's gun, and understands it was out of love
2.3 Compliments Lennie's work so George can feel relaxed around him and takes on "the tone of confession" suggesting Slim is like a priest who can be confided in and can be trusted with secrets whilst not judging the person confessing. He seems to rid George of his guilt, also like a priest or God-like figure.
2.4 Is sensitive to Lennie's issues
2.5 He has a mystical, knowing quality, philosophical, which is a rare quality especially in a desolate ranch with uneducated workers. His all-knowing understanding means he is good at reading character: "I can tell a mean guy a mile off."
2.6 Seems out of place in the poor ranch, but doesn't act superior, is respectful of others and not judgemental which is hard as there are very diverse people on the ranch
3 Romantic/ friendly
3.1 Understands Lennie, friendly towards him and George, and listens to George's stories of Lennie and Weed
3.1.1 Isn't prejudiced towards anyone e.g. Lennie and George, Curley's wife, Crooks (is one of the few who aren't racist towards him)
3.2 Jokingly flirty around Curley's wife, and touches her gently when she is dead suggesting he was friendly and had respect for her and didn't judge her like the other men.


  • "Then Slim went quietly over to her, and he let her wrist. One lean finger touched her cheek, and then his hand went under her slightly twisted neck and his fingers explored her neck. When he stood up the men crowded near and the spell was broken."
3.3 Trustworthy, George can relax around him and confide in him
3.4 Has gained his leadership status as the "prince of the ranch" from respect and not force, like Curley demands
3.5 Speaks on behalf of the group, does what is best for them i.e creating the lie about Curley's hand so Lennie isn't fired.
3.5.1 Stands up for Lennie, recognises he is vulnerable and can't think for himself. Sees him as a mentally disabled person in need of patience, not threat, and as the hero, sticks up for the weaker ones (Lennie, in this case)
4 Artistic/ talented
4.1 Steinbeck gives him the most positive description out of all the characters. He is the master of his trade and other characters speak highly of him
4.2 Steinbeck concentrates on his physical features, suggesting he is an important character and is to be recognised for his perfection

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