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1 Asclepios = God of healing
2 Asclepion/Asclepeia = Temple/Temples
3 People who were ill would go to an Asclepion and spend at least one night there.
4 They would make an offering or sacrifice to Asclepios
5 Then, they would bathe in the sea to cleanse and purify themselves.
6 They would sleep for one night in the Abaton, and while sleeping, patients were expected to be visited by the god. Some had dreams, and others were cured by the priests.
7 Priests often used snakes as part of the treatments in the Abaton.
8 Ointments were rubbed into the part of the body where symptoms occurred, sometimes the snaked licked the sick part as well
9 In the Asclepion, there was a theatre, a stadium and an Abaton.
10 It is irrational, but it does have some rational aspects e.g. ointments, exercise etc.
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