Main cause of 1905 Rev. Continued

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Main cause of 1905 Rev. Continued
1 Army
1.1 Contribution
1.1.1 Defeats in Russo Japanese War highlighted weaknesses Caused national humiliation Contributed to outbreak of revolution
1.1.2 Mutinies E.g. battle Potemkin Spread to other units 1/3 army weakened by mutiny
1.2 Counter- arguments
1.2.1 Army remained loyal to the Tsar Used to restore order in cities Killed over 1000 people Arrests, crushed riot/strikes
1.2.2 Helped after Treaty of Portsmouth was signed Suppressed protests
2 Tsar Nicholas and the Govt
2.1 Role in causing rev.
2.1.1 Bloody Sunday Responded to peaceful protest with violence Shocked/provoked anger
2.1.2 Culmination of years of unrest/discontent B/c of autocracy
2.1.3 Took Russia into Russo Japanese War Highlighted weaknesses Despair turned to anger Caused economic problems Working class conditions worsened
2.1.4 Sergei Witte industrialisation Worsened working class conditions Overpopulation Unsanitary
2.1.5 Took no action to reverse Alexander III's reforms
2.1.6 Decisions (e.g. BS) led to revolution quicker
2.1.7 Unwillingness to make concessions/Oppressive Rule resulted in growing opposition
2.1.8 Tsar's personality Shy, easily led and narrow minded Had a Conservative view b/c of Pobedonostsev Couldn't sympathise with political groups Not suited to role
2.2 Counter arguments
2.2.1 Inherited discontent with his role E.g. Russification, Emancipation Created under father's reign
2.2.2 Tsar alone could not be blamed Many believed Tsar would be superior against Japan

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