Was 1905 really a revolution?


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Was 1905 really a revolution?
  1. YES
    1. Widespread opposition from MANY groups in society
      1. Fast paced change from Bloody Sunday to manifesto sentiments
        1. SUSTAINED action throughout 1905
          1. Threat of army mutinies
          2. NO
            1. Didn't cause radical change associated with revolution
              1. E.g. Dismissal of Duma
              2. AUTOCRACY REMAINED at the end
                1. Wanted to abolish Tsardom
                2. No definable goals from the outset
                  1. Lack of united aim
                    1. In-fighting rather than targeting the government
                  2. Minimal role of revolutionary groups
                    1. Only became political in nature later
                  3. Changes between 1905 and 1881
                    1. Showed public had the ability to unite and become a threat
                      1. Tsar's authority declined
                        1. Damaged rep.
                        2. Highlighted deep dissatisfaction within society
                          1. Revealed nascent politicisation of the people
                            1. Highlighted growing power of the proletariat
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