C3 Part 1 - Energy

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AQA Further Additional Science C3 Part 1 - Energy

Kayleigh Peek
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C3 Part 1
1.1 Measuring Food and Fuel Energy
1.1.1 Energy Transferred = Mass of Water being heated x Specific Heat Capacity x Temperature Change
1.1.2 Specific Heat Capacity of Water: 4.2 J/g/^C
1.1.3 1ml = 1cm3 = 1g
1.1.4 Energy Value / gram of fuel (in J/g) = Energy Supplied/Mass of Fuel
1.2 Energy Changes
1.2.1 Exothermic = - VALUE
1.2.2 Endothermic = + VALUE
1.3 Energy Level Diagrams
1.3.1 Exothermic Reactions In the reaction, the energy stored in the products is less than the energy stored in the reactants. The extra energy first heats up the reaction mixture. Then it is transferred to the surroundings as heat. A HAND WARMER must give out heat, so its an exothermic reaction
1.3.2 Endothermic Reactions In this reaction, the energy stored in the products is more than the energy stored in the reactants. The extra energy was taken from the reaction mixture, so it's temperature fell. Then the mixture took in energy form the surroundings and its temperature increased back from the temperature A SPORTS INJURY PACK is designed to take in from the surroundings, so its and endothermic reaction
1.4 Bond Breaking and Bond Making
1.5 Hydrogen